PORTRAIT IN FRAGMENTS – Lorenzo Piantedosi

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Portrait in Fragments, Description:

Is it possible to portray someone? Is it possibile to describe and investigate our inner world and seek our most intimate essence? Probably, the deeper we try to dig, the more we find our hands full of fragments instead of an organic and clear picture.
However, my aim is not to provide answers, but the opposite. This piece represents a provocation both for the players and the audience. The quest for a key of reading these questions is up to them.

I started looking inside myself, observing the opposite streams that constantly contribute to create and change my inner state. But then my intention was to involve the musicians and finally the audience in this process.

To involve the players there was no other way for me than to give them a large space to express themselves.
Tapping into my experience in the world of radical improvisation was the best way to obtain this space.
So the piece is of course an attempt to put together different and beautiful approaches.
Written music cohabits with the world of improvisation. The latter is obtained by using graphic notations and other peculiar compositional strategies.

There is a lot of attention to the timbral parameter in the composition. The usage of extended techniques and non conventional gestures of the saxophone for me was the right language to follow this path.

To start this journey inside ourselves, it is necessary to begin from a place full of “space and silence”. And what could be more appropriate to do that than using the simple gesture of blowing?
From this stream everything evolves step by step.

The “Chorale” is the place were we have actually opened the door and we are gently observing what we have found. From this contemplation something really powerful rises.
To me, this momentum represents the strong attachment to life that each one of us has inside. The desire to blossom and become what we really want to be.

I called the following part “Portrait?”, trying to be provocative. Looking deeply inside of us may also move something else, something that could be disturbing and frightening. Is that the real essence of our portrait? Once again, there is no intention to give an answer.

The composition has a kind of mirror form, so in the end we return to the initial stream, but after this intimate search something has changed and we can hear its traces.

The end of the composition is even more provocative. Musicians are requested to disassemble their saxophones until they whistle without their instruments. This is part of the process of inner research and symbolizes the “naked individual”, the pure essence we are looking for, if that exists.

On the other side, the way I wanted to involve the audience was by giving them a different prospective of listening. The audience surrounds the players and becomes an active part in the process of investigation.
This simple operation makes the piece an experience instead of a mere passive listening and breaks down the wall between the listener and the performer.
This also connects people physically and visually to a form of communication that could seem distant and apparently difficult to understand, but I am sure it is much more ancestral and direct than it appears.

Of course we are talking about music, and even thousands of words may be useless to describe what is happening. Some people may not feel this introspection. Someone could, on the contrary, perceive the stream as an external natural element, but I think the point would remain the same: what happens when we remove the lid and observe in depth?

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PORTRAIT IN FRAGMENTS - Lorenzo Piantedosi

9.9014.90 IVA incl (-34%)

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